[Android] Having Fun: Image Processing with OpenGL ES Fragment Shaders

The original post is moved to my new personal blog



  1. […] my previous post, I have discussed all the three processes, I just combine them into a single function in the […]

  2. Ricky · · Reply

    Hi, I’m implementing feature detector for my robot car project. Because the algorithm heavily uses differential Gaussian filter in computation. The embedded GPU may be able to accelerate the process.

    I found a library in iPhone using opengl es to perform convolution. I think my idea is feasible. However, I’m new to openg gl and objective c and I don’t have xcode to run it. Thus I can’t figure it out how it really works.

    If possible, could you please share your sample program?


    1. Hi, in my next two post, I provide the link to the sample programs in my github. Or on the homepage, you can also find the link to. You might have a look, hope that would help. Good luck!

  3. […] with the previous project – image processing using OpenGL ES shaders. (Previous post: basic image processing, instagram filters, live streaming), I studied and implemented another two interesting filters: […]

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