[Research] Create Hierarchical Tree in Matlab using Struct

It really took me quite a while to figure this out. Just take notes for myself.

Syntax 1 Create an array of struct

tree(1,10) = struct(‘a’, []);


Syntax 2 Create an array of struct, each field of which is assigned a struct of itself

[tree(1:10).b] = deal(tree);

image (1)

The function: k is the number of brunches, L is the number of levels. inverted_file is the  matrix data need to be assigned to each node in the tree structure.

function tree = create_tree(k, L)

    subtree(1,k) = struct('inverted_file', []);

    %grow to the roots
    for i = 1:L-1

    %wrap it in a tree structure
    tree = struct('depth', L, 'branch', k, 'subtree', subtree);




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