[Thoughts] A closure. A new start. Be prepared

Finally I got the App release to the public. For so many nights, I stayed up programming, and so many times I almost gave up when facing the technical bottleneck. I’ve also met someone who is potentially to be a good partner, however we lost the connection due to some stupid personal issue. I managed to complete the whole project by myself, from the very beginning, the idea, the structure, the algorithms, to the very end, the UI, the graphic elements, the documents, and the final test and debug. I carried my laptop and ran into different friends who own Android phones for test. Now, the app on the shelf, does not have any crash report yet, for which I just felt all the effort I have put into are worthy.

I have been wished to be an independent developer always, however I never practiced it. Now I finally made the first step. I know it is far from enough but it is a good start. Now I invited myself a larger challenge, also a better opportunity to learn and make progress. Right at the start, I recall some articles I have read during my daily morning reading time. Just words from individuals, worth a thought on them, and I will try to figure out more in real experience, not the just the words any more.




待遇有所谓:为什么我不会在Y Combinator孵化公司工作


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