I have started my self-host blog here: littlecheesecake.me It is not an easy decision to move out from WordPress and start with my own domain name, which means I would lose all the subscriptions, some top rank search results and links and the benefit of the free service. However to host an independent Blog is […]

Android Design 与 Holo Theme Becoming a better butler One person product 专注做好一件事 Google glass will fail, but passive interfaces won’t 如何用paper设计你大脑中的艺术 Hero Mode: how to turn on your productivity super power

Feature descriptors are commonly used in lots of computer vision algorithms – object recognition, tracking, image stitching camera calibration and etc. I used it in three different types of tasks – tracking for AR, panorama creation and visual classification. Recently I conducted a detail analysis of the state-of-the-art detectors and descriptor-generators, since I am considering […]

Finally I got the App release to the public. For so many nights, I stayed up programming, and so many times I almost gave up when facing the technical bottleneck. I’ve also met someone who is potentially to be a good partner, however we lost the connection due to some stupid personal issue. I managed […]

Nokia invests in high-resolution cameras to woo apple buyers 大数据和想象力   人们为什么要在微博,facebook等上发布自己的状态信息或者人生感悟? 回央视:不装13,无社交 社交网络的逻辑,产品和未来   Why good storytelling helps you design great products Don’t launch your product What a stupid idea  

Trying to plan another backpack trip. Then I recall last time when I was on the road. The most two memorable places for the 6-week backpack trip in Europe – Santorini and Hallstatt. I think someday I will be back.

I) Rationale The inspirations are from some researches [1][2] in Server-client structure for large-scale AR tracking system. What I’m going to explored as illustrated in the figure below, is to build a backend server for my current outdoor tracking system running solely on the client device currently. II)  Bag-of-Feature Visual Recognition i) Bag-of-Features Bag of […]

The original post is moved to my new personal blog

硅谷“双城记”,高科技的背后。 新闻有毒? Google Glass was prototyped in one day – using chopsticks Take a minute to enjoy some art on world art day First look: how the google glass UI really works How five real economists think about Bitcoin’s future

Last week I helped my FYP student to set up a simple project of loading 3D models of .obj format in ARToolKit. The source code is available at my git repo, here just take a note for future reference. (The cute models are drawn by Ms Ng Jie Li, credit for good goes to her […]